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AppSync has an incredible amount of helpful features and tools, and we know that it can seem like a lot of information at times. So, we put together a few tutorial videos to help with popular questions!

Click on any of the tutorials below to learn about that topic. If you have a question that we haven't answered, please feel free to email appsync@appstate.edu or stop by Club Hub in room 219 of Plemmons Student Union. 

You can also click here to check out OrgSync's Help Desk at anytime!

AppSync Communication

AppSync Tutorial for communicating with your members

AppSync Events and Promotions

AppSync Tutorial for creating events, as well as how to promote your events or programs using the "AppSync Promotion Request Form"

Using a Card Reader on AppSync

AppSync Tutorial for using card readers

Using Forms and Polls on AppSync

AppSync Tutorial for creating forms and polls on your portal 

How to Update Club Officers on AppSync

AppSync Tutorial providing instruction on how to update club officer information. Anytime your club transitions officers, you must update your information.

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